Sunday, May 17, 2009

name secured!

just started this blog to snag that name!
it is my intention to start selling itty-bitty and pretty handmade items at markets along with my my niece who is quite crafty with beads.
this blog will show case those items and also be a spot to sell!
i will be back with photos of items that will be for sale.
until then...
smooches rosey


  1. Love the name, look forward to seeing your itty bitty pretties!
    Big ((huggies))
    Beki xxx

    p.s can you email me your addy please hun, not quite there yet but intend to give myself a kick up the backside this weekend xxx

  2. Love that name!! Congratulations and all the best wishes for you and your niece! Looks like you all have fun out there!

    And it's "three"-something again..itty, bity, and pretty. Three's the charm for you and you know that :D